Thursday, 12 October 2017

My Assignment work has come back home!!

My assignment work came back! It seems such a long time ago already!! I have had an hour looking through my learning log book and reflecting on the pieces that went to be marked. My A4 sketchbook also accompanied the work. I was disappointed with my percentage at first, but using this as a positive I can now understand certain points from the tutors feedback and relevance to what needs to be achieved. Hopefully through my next couple of stages I can up-gain my marks.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

New Sketchbook...(to add to the collection!)

Buying new sketchbooks is an addiction, I am sure! Is there a name for it? Something ending in "..holic"?
Well, this one is going to be my sketch a day book, all being well. It is an A5 Landscape book, I have gone for an All media Cartridge paper so I do not feel restricted to just pencil. Oh, and made in the UK! Super. Fingers crossed I fill it full of great and some not so great pieces!!
Sketch away!!!!!!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Instagram & Sketchbooking

My Instagram!(Click here)

If you are on instagram you can also see some of my sketchbook work here! Along side my  course work I am trying to build up my own collection of sketchbooks. The importance in this is to give me my own personal reference and give me knowledge on what works and what medias are out there and lets me experiment in such as collage, digital, ink work and not be too fragile with the results. 

I Have different sizes of books to work from. I do this for the reason that if time is limited a small page an be created in an hour or in between other tasks. A larger book (I bought a 10 x 10 book) which is fantastic for looking at completing larger on going projects and ideas in. And I have a A4 sketch book for work on going within my course. 

A4, 10 x 10 and a small A6 Book. Sketchbook collection. Well, I call them sketchbooks but they are full of all kinds of work.

Friday, 13 January 2017

2017 Book Stash!

I have these really great reference books with me now! 
Fantastic port of calls for inspiration and research. Can you believe the The Manual of Illustration Techniques cost me 1p plus £2.80 postage on Amazon? What a great buy. The book is slightly out of date but the information on techniques is second to none. It also has a section on Lino cutting which I am itching to try!
This is not the latest edition but managed to get this ex-library book from Amazon at just £2.81 including delivery! It has some great technique suggestions and tips. Some of it is quite basic but there is some new ideas I have not tried yet. The lino cut is the one I want to try!

I am tying to build my reference collection up, I really enjoy these books The illustrated Journey is an absolute diamond of a book. I thoroughly enjoy seeing how different illustrators work and getting to see in their own sketchbooks is gold!
I have not started How to be an Illustrator yet, but it will get viewed soon enough!

Monday, 29 August 2016

House of Illustration - August 2016

I was exceptionally lucky to visit the House of Illustration in London this summer. The main draw being the amazing displayed work of Quentin Blake and also the exhibition of Russian Children's books and illustrations.

The actual building is a five minute walk away from King's Cross station, so very easy if you ever want to visit! The Quentin Blake work is mostly to emphasize the release of a Roald Dahl based film from a book (BFG) Blake had illustrated for back in the early 1980's.
To see these original pieces close up is truly amazing. The fluidity of his ink work shows how the simplistic styles are as always the most effective.

The works proceed through the making and process of the original publications and you can see how the works have changed and developed.

The permanent displays of Blake's other works is also worth a view. The captured imaginations these images have created is incredible.

As any inspiring illustrator, I would fully recommend a trip.

The changing exhibitions will surely mean another trip will be planned in the future for myself.
I found the exhibition of seeing the Russian works a surprising bonus, the history of the soviet and the processes of their changing country can be seen from the early 1900's and how the influences of the west changed their art work and styles. The singular importance of children's books can be seen to expand and enthrall through the pre-war years and the similarities to movements within the world wide development and how Russian illustrators almost seemed to rebel and be forefront leaders in the new designs of the coming new world.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

First Canvas in a while!

This is the first large canvas I have done in a while. It contains details from an old advert for Lipstick. The background includes so gold flaking!!! I also used Gesso, Brass metallic paint, black acrylic and a damask design for the wall paper.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Baby Doll

Amazing ad illustration from Woolworth's hey days of the 70s. Their Baby doll range!

I have sampled one of the Baby doll make-up faces on canvas. The ad campaign images are fantastic!

On canvas bag.